A Picture Drawing Like a Pro Using Kerosine Tricks

Picture Drawing Like a Pro Using Kerosine

Do you know that you can draw just any kind of picture like a professional? This picture was drawn by someone who doesn’t know anything about drawing nor this he know how to draw a pot or a straight line. But the drawing he made using this trick is really amazing, and you will never know that it was drawn out of a trick.


This the same trick anyone can apply and get a good result of almost a 100% exact resemblance between the real picture and the drawn picture. This is amazing because, at the comfort of your zone, you can just draw anyone and present that drawing to them as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, etc

The trick is basically done with a kerosine and a white piece of paper, what happen is, once you pour or spray kerosine on a white sheet of paper, it becomes extremely transparent, like a mirror, then all you need is now to place it on top of a picture, get a sharp pencil, and begin to trace that picture as easily as it is. Just keep following the picture as you see it transparent on the white sheet of paper.

If you are interested in carefully learning this trick, then see the material and the step by step guide below:

Materials Needed:

  • Kerosine
  • Picture
  • Pencil
  • White Paper (it can be an A4 Paper)
  • Table

Step by Step Procedures:

Step 1: Place the picture on the table


Step 2: Place the A4 paper on the picture

Step 3: Spray the kerosine on every area of the paper (after spraying you will see a clear visibility of the picture, then you can start tracing immediately before the kerosine gets dried up)

Step 4: Use your sharp pencil to start tracing the picture you see on the paper (NO Eraser is needed, so do not clean during the tracing)

NOTES: Make sure you switch off the fans, and ensure you are indoor without too much light reflections

Step 5: After all traces are completed on the paper, you can then remove the paper, and sun dry it

Then you have your picture cleanly and professionally drawn

A video have also been made, so that you can understand the steps much better:

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