ACI Middle East and North Africa Fellowships, 2021-2022

ACI Middle East and North Africa Fellowships

The ACI Foundation Fellowship program is available to highly potentially intelligent students whom are willing to study for graduate and undergraduate level program. The ACI Foundation Fellowship is available for the academic year 2021-2022.


The ACI Foundation is not for a profit organization, it was established by the American Concrete institute basically to promote progress and innovation by supporting research and scholarship programs. The ACI Foundation offers those who are passionate about their work, this helps in contributing to the future of the students through their learning experience.

Apply Before The Scholarship Deadline:
2nd November, 2021

Eligible Countries:

Middle East

North Africa

Criteria For eligibility:


To be eligible, all applicants must be a full-time student in a master’s or PhD level program during the entire award cycle

Applicants must not exceed their second year of a master’s degree program or a fourth year of a PhD program

The applicants must be a full-time undergraduate students as of the time of applying for and during the entire award cycle

All international students must attend the United State or Canadian institution during the award cycle

List Of Supporting Documents Needed:

A 500 word essay

A resume (.doc, .doxc or .pdf)

Official transcript

Two endorsement

Applicants education and contact information

Admission Requirements Expected:
All aspiring students must have a previous degree certificate

Language Requirements Needed:

All aspiring applicants must be proficient in English language

TOEFL is needed, but not compulsory

Scholarship Benefits Awarded:
Each eligible students will receive their tuition fee to complete their fellowship in the United States and Canada

Scholarship Application procedure:
All students must complete the Online Application Form
All Fellowship awardees are expected to submit a written report near the end of their fellowship period