Emu vs Ostrich – The World’s largest Birds

We are going to compare Emu vs Ostrich – The World’s largest Birds. The Emu are the second most large birds, they are more than 1.5 metres tall and weighs about 45kg, they have the ability to dash away at nearly 50km per hour, and if angered they can kick with their big three-toed feet.


They basically feed on fruits and insects and may damage crops. Ecological studies has estimated that there are more than 630,000 adult emus.

One thing you should know about Emu is that, they typically have wings, but obviously they don’t fly. They are always on the move searching for food and water, they can basically walk all day looking for what to eat and drink. It is cool that they posses a clear membrane over each of their eye that protects them from dust in the air.

Emu Facts:

Main Prey:

  • Fruit, Seeds, Insects, Flowers


  • Open grasslands with bushes close to water


  • Flock

Favorite Foods:


  • Fruits


  • Bird


  • The largest Bird in Australia


  • 12-20 years


  • 18kg – 60kg (40lbs – 132lbs)


  • Omnivores


  • Human and Wild Dogs

Ostrich on the other hand are the Largest Birds in the World found in Africa, they are also flightless birds, with wings but they can’t fly. Half of it’s height is the neck, they have a very long neck and weigh more then 150kg, though the female ostrich is kind of smaller then the male.

The Ostrich eggs averages about 150 mm (6 inches) in length by 125mm (5 inches) in diameter, the Ostrich are mostly seen individually, in small flocks or in large aggravations. They have a very strong legs possessing two toed, the main toe is developed almost as a hoof which helps them escape their enemies. If angered they can speed off up to 72.5km (45 miles) per hour. Ostrich basically feed on insects, and can go without water for a pretty long periods of time.

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