Fully Funded Scholarships For International Students

Fully Funded Scholarships for Int’l and USA Students 🇺🇸:

You can apply to fully funded scholarships here. There are available different type of Scholarships for you to apply.


There are available fully funded scholarships for international and USA students, all applicants whom are interested in studying on fully funded scholarships in USA can proceed to apply.

Most of the Scholarships provided are for students whom are seeking to study through free Scholarships.

All aspiring students applying to any  scholarship should ensure they go through the scholarship instructions and requirements carefully.

Most of the University’s will ask for English Language Proficiency Results to ensure that the students they are offering scholarship awards can speak, write, and understand English. This English Language Proficiency results includes IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Some University’s may ask for lower  or higher Results Grades, so it all depends on what the University wants.

For students in the United States, there may be no need for English Language Proficiency results, for long as the candidates is fluent in English. All aspiring students are advised to check the required criteria for each Scholarship, to make sure they make those criteria’s available.

We have different types of Scholarships, ranging from Ohio Wesleyan University Scholarships in USA, Purdue University International Scholarships  USA, City University of Seattle Scholarships USA, International Awards at Drew University in USA , Western Michigan University Scholarships in USA , Mount Saint Vincent Int’l Scholarships in Canada, Lakehead International Entrance Scholarships in Canada, Fully Funded Vanier Graduate Funding in Canada, Teesside University Advance International Scholarships in UK, etc.


All aspiring students are advised to go through the application carefully to provide all necessary documents mentioned to facilitate their scholarship award.

Most of the Scholarships offered are for students in the United States. There are different varieties of Scholarships offered for you to apply from different Universities in the USA and beyond.