Funny Village Women Captured Displaying Football Skills

This women have to create an environment suitable for their happiness, which ofcourse ensures unity and make them seem like family in a small community. It is important to ensure they strive to train their children in school.



Importance of Education:

Education is very important in our lives, in our present world the 21st century a lot of inspirational speakers de-value the importance of education letting the young ones think going to school and getting education is not important after all. Education is a very important tool that allows a person understands their rights and responsibilities to their society, family, and nation at large.


An education can make a person view the world differently, make them fight against injustice, corruption, violence, etc. Education gives you more advantage even if you have your own company, business, etc. It gives you more edge towards understanding, solving problems without violence, i mean it makes you more diplomatic and gives you a sense of wisdom, it sharpens our mindset.

All the courses offered in school e.g mathematics, physics, chemistry, social sciences, computer sciences, etc theses courses help sharpen the brain of a person. Education helps you in getting a better chances of a good job, great insights for your business also, etc. Education teaches us to be self-sufficient, with it a person can feel safe. Look out how education has helped in shaping our world, without it no one could easily how the brains to understand how to create stuffs and make stuffs we use today work they way they do. Education boost a persons self assurance self confidence. In doubt education is indeed the key to success, it teaches a person how to be productive, it teaches a person how to face many challenges and conquer them, a well educated person understands how to act in a polite and non offensive manner to people, it helps us live a disciplined life, making a responsible living. It helps us to combat illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, etc. An educated person possesses more skills and competence than someone who is uneducated. Although it is incorrect to think that education alone guarantees success.


The Best Schools you can find are in the United States of America, check out the list of top ranked Universities in USA:


California Institute of Technology – Caltech

Harvard University

Stanford University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Princeton University

University of California, Berkeley

Yale University

University of Chicago

Columbia University

Johns Hopkins University

University of Pennsylvania

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Cornell University

Duke University

Northwestern University

University of Michigan

New York University

Carnegie Mellon University

University of Washington

University of California, San Diego

Georgia Institute of Technology

University of Texas at Austin

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Washington University in St. Louis

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

University of Wisconsin Madison

Boston University

University of Southern California

Brown University

University of California, Davis

University of California, Santa Barbara

Emory University

The Ohio State University

University of Minnesota

Michigan State University

University of Maryland

University of California, Irvine (UCI)

Dartmouth College

Purdue University

Vanderbilt University

Top Best Courses to study in the University:

You don’t go into University studying just any type of courses offered in the University, you need to study the best selling courses, so that after you must have graduated, you can easily be marketable to companies and organization that will see you of great value. Some of these courses are : Nursing, Engineering, Medicine and Surgery,  Accounting and Finance,  Marketing,  Theatre and Arts, Law, Pharmacy, Psychology

It has been proven that education add years to our lives, each additional year of education was actually found to add about 1.7 years to our lives. Generally education is healthy, i mean it helps us to keep ourselves healthy which will likely have positive affection on our physical body.

The true aspect of living life to the fullest means been educated possessing vast amount of knowledge about the world around us, learning everyday, asking important questions that helps develop our personal well being

Education has always secured a person respect from the society, honestly speaking if you are not educated, you will always admire people who are, so why not start today.

There are vast benefits of attaining education, because it is not all about the certificate you attain, but it’s all about the knowledge you gained in the classroom, form your teachers, lecturers, fellow students, the difficulty you face in solving academic problem, the problem you continuously face while schooling, it all makes you stronger in knowledge, all of that encompasses education.

Yes, education is not all about gaining an admission, reading and getting excellent results in your class, no. It’s not all about that, it also includes those problems and issues you face in school, sometimes you face a challenging situation that makes you cry or makes you want to cry, they are all components in building your brains and mindsets.

In words of Nelson Mandela, he said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Education is part of what makes us complete as a human being, remember in the biblical book, there is a saying: “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. If you are not educated there are some knowledge you can hardly understand, there are also opportunities you can hardly understand or take advantage of. Even Mark Zukerberg went back to school at some point, got his degree with vast amount of knowledge he used in bringing a lot of features to his company.