Funny Village Women Captured Displaying Football Skills

This Video Was taken in a village in Nigeria, this village women have taken their time to schedule venue, date and time for football matches as a way to create happiness and joy amidst daily huzzle to feed themselves and family.



This village is located somewhere in Northern Nigeria. The occupants of this village are mostly farmers, they farm all sort of farm crops and sell to buyers in the markets. Usually most of the occupants are illiterate, but they struggle hard to make sure their children goes to school to at least secondary school level education.


In this small village, everyone lives as one big family even though they are of different religion and culture, they mostly speak the same local languages (Gbagyi language) and they always have each others backs.


In this village, they have their own crested rules and religion which has been drafted by the King and kinsmen of the village. The King is well respected, and all the rules coming from the king most be followed, a young lady does not dare to dress half naked as a style in such community, she might be banished from the village.

There are no boring moments in this kind of village, you take fresh air, eat good natural food, spend less and of course have everyone as your brother, sister, uncle, mother and father.

Although you can hardly find youth in the village, most people living there are basically old folks whom will have no use for the lifestyle in cities, in fact this folks cannot survive or strive in cities, they are already addicted and have gotten used to the village lifestyle.


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This video was taken on the day of their final football tournament, and there were other nearby villagers that were invited, it was indeed a big even to attend. This women have been training many times for the tournament day.

I will live you to judge if this is the normal football we all know, because it seems to have no rules, no team, everyone seems to be the opponent of the other even though they have divided themselves as a team and even have a Goalkeeper. But some of the players are really confused on where to put the ball.

I can tell you this is one of the most funny and amazing football match i ever watched.

Moral of this Video from Opinion is: You can create your own happiness irrespective of the environment you find yourself in. You can Watch the full video.

This could be funny to some viewers, while it could be inspirational, pitiful, and some might develop the heart of love for this village, the women, the villagers and of course the tournament. But i tell you, no matter what’s on your mind concerning this video, remember not to feel down in any situation you find yourself, instead try to create happiness within yourself, stop looking for happiness from people or from your environment. You can be in the best environment in UK and you are still not OK with yourself. Let’s use what we see in this video and a good moral lesson to us. For those who are interested in a fully funded scholarship to study in USA, you can APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS

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Video Credit: Follow on instagram @iam_jerryjames

Video Captured Country: Nigeria

Video Captured State: Niger State

Video Captured Village: Kpeyegyi