NPower Batch C Shortlisted Candidates PDF List

Check NPower batch C shortlisted candidates final PDF list and registration updates. Download the Full shortlist names for N-Power.


NPower Batch C Shortlisted Candidates 2021

Email Address:

Official Phone Numbers: 09060000445, 09060000446, 09055555960

Official Portal:

The NPower Shortlisted Candidates updates will give you all the required details needed for the Batch C recruitment exercise and the shortlist proper.

NPower Batch A and Batch B registration shortlist have been released on the Npower portal after the recruitment exercise.


This guide is a list of shortlisted candidates for the enrollment session (Batch C).

Do not pay any individual claiming to be a staff of Npower with juicy offers that they can add your name to the shortlisted list. When the list are out, you will be able to view yours freely.

Updated Today: If your re yet to check your NPower Shortlisted names, please do so with the steps shown in this guide.

The Buhari Administration has requested that one million Nigerian candidates should be added to the ongoing NPower Registration and Application.

All those that applied last year and new NPower Batch D (when initiated) will enjoy the stipends N-Power promises.

NPower Batch C Shortlisted Login Guide

Npower registration is a platform that was set in place by the Federal Government of Nigeria with the aim of empowering youths to get Jobs with less stress.

The entire essence of Npower is to empower the youths and employ millions of Nigerians by the federal government.

For a while now, lots of individuals have registered on the Npower platform using login system.

However, since the Npower list are out, it is worthy of note to unveil the various ways of using the Npower portal to view your shortlisted details.

How do i Login to Npower on

Accessing the NPower login on is quite easy. All you need to view your registration status on Npower are the same login details used during registration.

Below are detailed steps and guide to Login to your NPVN account (N-Power Volunteer Network)

STEP 1: Visit the login portal (NPVN) on

STEP 2: Once on the page, please select the category that pertains to you. E.G (NPOWER TEACH, NPOWER HEALTH, NPOWER TAX and NPOWER AGRO)

STEP 3: Type in your USERNAME and PASSWORD to Login to your Npower dashboard and reveal your registration status.

Remember, only deal directly with the Portal and avoid any 3rd party claiming they can help with your Npower registration status.

You don’t need to pay anyone to process your Npower!

Registration using the login portal is quite easy.

This will enable you to have direct access to the Npower List when released and updated.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration can only be done on the Npower portal! You can get this done on your smartphones or at home using your computer (Laptops).

We have a detailed tutorial that coves Npower Registration in details here.

Once you have fully registered, you now wait for the Npower list to fully circulate and get updated.

You are also admonished to swiftly response to instructions received directly and only from NPower.

All candidates are to take note of the below listed updates

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