Teesside University Advance International Scholarships in UK

The Teesside University is presenting international students with an advance funding for the academic year 2022-2023, the scholarship offered by the Teesside University is basically for students facing serious financial struggles towards their education.


Teesside University Advance International Scholarships

Therefore Teesside University comes in to offer financial benefits to all EU students and of course to international students also. All aspiring applicants who are going to apply to this scholarship opportunity will be offered various award advantages.

The Teesside university is located at North Yorkshire in the North East England, the university is originally a public university which has been ranked 801 in the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education. They are well known for their overall score of 4.1 stars for their creativity and innovation.

Teesside is a leading University with a very god international reputation for academic excellence, the university produces outstanding and professional students spread around the globe.

All students applying via UCAS are therefore expected to submit their application before 29th January 2022. The latest Application submission out of grace can be submitted before 30th June, 2022.

Eligible Countries:
Students from the EU and every other international students from around the globe can apply to this scholarship at Teesside University

Accepted Courses/Subjects:
This opportunity is meant only for the undergraduate level students whom are going to be presented with all the courses taught at the University to select to their preference


Criteria For Eligibility: All aspiring candidates must meet certain criteria to be able to be eligible for this scholarship program

  • All aspiring candidates must be a full time students enrolling in year 0 or year 1 of a full time undergraduate program at the Middleborough or Darlington Campus

All Important Supporting Documents:

All aspiring students must submit their academic transcripts of all the previous schools attended

Aspiring students should submit their copy of passport

Aspiring students must submit their letters of recommendation

Aspiring students must submit their personal statements

Admission Requirements Needed:
All candidates must meet to the UG Entry Requirements of the University

Language Requirements Expected:

  • Aspiring candidates should note that the expected English Proficiency Level is IELSTS 5.0 or an equivalent in an alternative English Language test

Scholarship Benefits To Be Expected: All successfully selected students will be offered with the following:

an iPad compatible Keyboard

An Apple iPad installed with the University’s student portal, Office 365 software, access to email, timetables, virtual learning environment, and library resources

A technology that captures lectures across the campus so students can access recordings of lectures at any time from anywhere

Over £200 credit for learning resources

Scholarship Application Procedures:

All aspiring students must their Applications via the UCAS Portal

All students will definitely be awarded with this scholarship automatically after enrolment